…August’s Entertainment (In Brief)

It’s been a hectic September so I’ll keep it brief. Apologies for taking so long.


There’s an entire set by my favourite Greek musician Antonis Remos called “Τελευταία Νύχτα στην Αρένα” [Final Night at the Arena]. It’s pretty awesome.


My addiction to DotA2 took a new level over August. I’ll hopefully blog about it when I have time.


DotA2’s second annual International Tournament. My first real venture into eSports and I absolutely loved it.


Louie is a TV show made by comedian Louis CK. I can’t remember where I first read it but someone stated that “he’s not a funny person but the things he observes are hilarious” and it’s true. His delivery doesn’t add to the jokes, nor does his stage presence, but the observations he makes are quite intelligent and can extract a guilty laugh or two.

I’m trying to find some spare time to write up about DotA2 — and football, of course — over the next week or two.