By Efstathios

…Building a Portfolio (Part Two)

Recap You can find Part One here. My plan was to follow up with some key design decisions, namely regarding font and colour. Method in the Madness I’m going to take a small tangent here to discuss organisation. As I covered in part one, most of my work begins on scraps of paper. Those scraps […]

…Building a Portfolio (Part One)

The Backstory Last September I decided to leave my job as the IT Manager at the Honeypot Group (Barnet FC, Jako Living Sports and The Hive London are just three of the group companies) to focus on a career in Web Development. As I’ve since explained (repeatedly), IT and Web are two separate career paths. They’re similar, perhaps even […]

…ActionCable Troubleshooting: Turbolinks

The Problem Within a Rails app, ActionCable (and therefore WebSockets) did not work when trying to update all users of a new comment. Expected behaviour was for a user to publish a comment and then a hidden div would be made visible, alerting users that there was a new comment. How Did I Fix This? […]

…Rails Troubleshooting: Views Don’t Render JavaScript Current Year

The Problem One of the first scripts most front-end developers learn how to use is the JavaScript “Current Year” script, for their copyright notice. Something similar to this: <script type=”text/javascript”> document.write(new Date().getFullYear());</script> However, this will prevent some Rails views from rendering properly. How Did I Fix This? Pretty simply, actually. Why use JavaScript to show […]

…Rails Troubleshooting: button_to uses POST method

The Problem While building a Rails app with Bootstrap, I wanted to create a button that showed a product. Here’s the code I used: <%= button_to ‘Show’, product, class: ‘btn btn-primary’ %> The code was valid but returned a routing error when the button was clicked. Mystifying, as I was using resources for routing. To confirm […]

…Podcast Material

Last Updated 30/3/2017 A few years ago I stumbled upon podcasts. Following a brief trial period I was a convert and now podcasts form a part of my daily routine. Recently I revamped my collection of podcasts so I thought it’d make for a decent topic to write about. For the uninitiated, a podcast is […]

…Things I Learnt This Month (Apr 14)

Three things I learnt this month that I thought were worth sharing. Go: The ampersand (this symbol – &) is actually based upon combining the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’. This is because ‘et’ was (is?) Latin for ‘and’. It’s a lot more pronounced in certain fonts than others but also shows much more clearly in […]

…Barnet FC’s Shortcomings

Truth be told, I used to pride myself on being an optimistic football fan. I believed in giving signings time to bed in, managers time to develop a squad in their image and the notion of blindly supporting your team. However, this began to change a couple of years ago when I first started to […]