By Efstathios

…Barnet vs Grimsby

What an odd, but eventually brilliant, evening this turned out to be. From the euphoria of a fantastic start to the nerves & confusion of the middle right back to the ecstasy of victory, we really went through the full range of emotions tonight. To add to all of that, I must say I don’t […]

…Football Manager: Live & Childhood Development

If you don’t like or haven’t played Football Manager you should probably skip the opening bit. Unsure of how I’d been driven into a rage when I didn’t even care about my own 5-a-side games, I started again. Double click there… wait a little bit… another click there… wait for the inevitable 30-second freeze… and… […]

…Barnet vs Aldershot

10.30pm, 21st Jan. I finally got home, brainfrozen, and contemplated what I’d just paid £20 to see. More accurately, mulling over the entire experience that, over the course of the previous four hours, had left me about £30 out of pocket. Admittedly, I was a bit miffed that I’d turned up late and missed the […]

…Things I Learnt This Week (25th Nov)

This was one of my favourite features of the old site and I thought I’d revive it for Random Words. Here are three things I learnt over the past seven days: US scientists are developing a test which would diagnose Alzheimer’s via peanut butter. The test places peanut butter a certain distance below the patient’s […]

…Barnet vs Cambridge

Today we played the league leaders in the late kick-off at The Hive. While I wasn’t at the game I did manage to watch the whole thing on TV, gutted that I didn’t get myself a free ticket having gone on Tuesday. Since when were late kick-offs a thing in the Conference?! The Team It’s […]

…Barnet vs Welling

Tuesday’s game was the first game I could attend in quite a while so I jumped at the opportunity to nip up to The Hive with a friend. Unfortunately, Tuesday evening was also unbelievably cold, which threw a bit of a downer on the evening. Overall I thought the final result was actually a positive […]