…Podcast Material

Last Updated 30/3/2017 A few years ago I stumbled upon podcasts. Following a brief trial period I was a convert and now podcasts form a part of my daily routine. Recently I revamped my collection of podcasts so I thought it’d make for a decent topic to write about. For the uninitiated, a podcast is […]

…Things I Learnt This Month (Apr 14)

Three things I learnt this month that I thought were worth sharing. Go: The ampersand (this symbol – &) is actually based upon combining the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’. This is because ‘et’ was (is?) Latin for ‘and’. It’s a lot more pronounced in certain fonts than others but also shows much more clearly in […]

…Barnet FC’s Shortcomings

Truth be told, I used to pride myself on being an optimistic football fan. I believed in giving signings time to bed in, managers time to develop a squad in their image and the notion of blindly supporting your team. However, this began to change a couple of years ago when I first started to […]

…Barnet vs Grimsby

What an odd, but eventually brilliant, evening this turned out to be. From the euphoria of a fantastic start to the nerves & confusion of the middle right back to the ecstasy of victory, we really went through the full range of emotions tonight. To add to all of that, I must say I don’t […]

…Football Manager: Live & Childhood Development

If you don’t like or haven’t played Football Manager you should probably skip the opening bit. Unsure of how I’d been driven into a rage when I didn’t even care about my own 5-a-side games, I started again. Double click there… wait a little bit… another click there… wait for the inevitable 30-second freeze… and… […]