…Defining A Racist

This should be simple but people seem to be struggling so I’ll keep it brief.

Someone who says something racially-abusive is not instantly a racist. Recently football’s had its fair share of “racists” outed. Except it hasn’t. Saying something racially abusive does not instantly make someone a racist and that should always be remembered. If people think that referring to John Terry as a racist because he said something indefensibly stupid is fair then they’re wrong. It also devalues the use of the word “racist” and the true meaning of the word.

On the list of all-time “racists”, someone who’s said something stupid doesn’t come anywhere near the top 1,000.

Not to defend the things that have been said; I just felt that needed clarifying. The backlash against these so-called “racists” will eventually turn them into the victims with a legitimate claim against such accusations.”I’m not racist”, they’ll say, correctly. Then no-one will remember the racially-abusive things they said because, hey-ho, they’re not racists.

Things aren’t always black and white.