…Flawless Logic #3

Recession? Check.

Decent reputation? Check.

Well-staffed? Check.

Well-stocked? Check.

Decent labelling system? LOL, NOPE.

HMV, if I see My Chemical Romance in the metal section again I will personally offer a free course in music piracy to everyone I know. I’ll also record the presentation and publish it online.

WHSmith, if I have to ask where you’ve hidden a book then you’re doing it wrong. It’s even worse when I’m given a genre name that’s incomprehensible. I do computer stuff all the time, I know when I’m being spoken to in a programming language. People don’t like that. I’m a freaking nerd and even I found it daunting. Whatever it is that you think ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell should be categorised as; you’re wrong. Waterstone’s call it ‘Critical Thinking’. None of this ‘Non-Fiction #1: dsfargeg’ nonsense.

Note to the management of both: If you didn’t make shopping so difficult, people would probably do it more often. You idiots.