…July’s Entertainment

I barely blogged last month, accepted. Here’s the stuff I was wasting my life on instead:


Work! Consume! Die! (Frankie Boyle) – Yes, I’m still on the same book. Thanks to the unfortunate passing of my headphones I was reading during my commute. They’ve since been replaced and now I have less time to read paperbacks. I’m impressed by Boyle’s writing style. Towards the beginning it was full of short, sharp sentences as if he was releasing a batch of one-liners. After a while he settled into a good rhythm and the set-up lines became more subtle.

I’ve also read some terribly boring eBooks on some horrendously boring subjects. I’ll spare you all the details.


[Greek] To Agalma (Antonis Remos) – One of the first songs I tried to learn how to sing. Another quality zeimpekiko. Loads of singers have sung it, including the great Mitropanos, but Remos is my favourite Greek singer.

[English] Light Up The Night (The Protomen) – I usually hate music that sounds like it was made in the 80s but I fell in love with this song. It was a huge energy-boost during late-night work.

[English] Carnival Red (Aidan Parle) – This album is listed as ‘Contemporary Folk’, a genre which I’ve never paid attention to before. However, knowing Aidan, I gave his album a chance and then spent an entire month listening to it. I managed to rack up over 1,000 plays over the course of the month according to last.fm. No regrets on my behalf.


You’d have thought that I wouldn’t ask myself about movies given that I don’t watch movies, right?


DotA2 – I got accepted into the closed beta and wasted an unholy amount of time on it. Having remembered DotA from my childhood I thought I’d get involved this time round and I’ve not been let down. A classy game with scope for enjoyment for both newbies and experienced heads. I’d even go so far as to say that non-players would enjoy the large amount of videos of the game online — the matches can be quite the spectator sport!

Team Fortress 2 – The game’s famous, I never really took the time to get into it before. ‘Nuff said.  I found engineer to be delightfully fun to play when given decent cover, it’s a different role to one you usually find in an FPS. I must admit I never got stuck on it though, it’s a tad too gimmicky for me.

Slender – Horror game. I’m now running low on boxer shorts. Holy monkeynuts, if you let this game get into your head you will flip out. It is my belief that everyone should be forced to play this game wearing headphones while their friends watch them. Fun for everyone, bar the person who’s playing, of course.


Lifehacks – I love lifehacks, something I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. Recently there’s been a large number of lifehack compilation videos and infographics posted online. I’d spent most of the month gobbling them up. I strongly recommend watching a video, everyone has at least one eureka moment.

ASMR Shivers – This could very possibly be a load of old tosh and results may vary. When I was younger I experimented in hypnosis with mixed results and I feel this is another one of those experiences. If you approach it with an open mind and give it every chance of working, it probably will. I was pretty chilled out last month as a result, despite a bumper workload.

Web Design – I used to do web design and I’ve recently begun dabbling again. I foresee a lot of fun to be had in HTML5/CSS3. I’m also glad to see Internet Explorer has remained a heaping pile of poopies, it feels like nothing’s changed.


Friday Night Lights – I began watching this on recommendation. It’s now going down as one of my favourite TV series’ of all time. Seasons 1, 4 and 5 were amazing. Season 3 served as a recovery operation for the trainwreck that was Season 2. Despite this, the show was fantastic and I can’t pick many flaws. A big thumbs up from me and a definite “you should watch this”, in my humble (read: arrogant) opinion.

Anger Management – Charlie Sheen’s latest sitcom. I’m not sold. The comedy is what I refer to as “LCD” comedy — Lowest Common Denominator — in that it makes basic jokes so that the entire audience knows when to laugh. Great in theory but poor in practice. What’s the point in laughing together when no-one’s really laughing? A couple of decent moments in every episode are all that keep me coming back.

The Newsroom – Started slowly but it’s gathering pace. Some love it, some hate it, I’m enjoying it. I’m not a big fan of shows based on politics but I’m finding some common ground with the show. It’s not the best cast show, particularly for an HBO production, but it’s up to scratch. I’ve yet to see the show do anything particulaly ballsy though. That’s when we’ll see it really hit the upper echelons of entertainment, in my eyes.