…June’s Entertainment

Here’s a relatively brief recap of the stuff that kept me from punching my own face in over June. Before you ask for me to explain myself; I get bored easily.


Work! Consume! Die! (Frankie Boyle) – I’ve only just jumped into this book and have yet to finish it. I have a disgusting sense of humour so it’s had me on the verge of bursts of laughter on public transport. Boyle and I seem to share a world-view. I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. For him or me.

Plugged (Eoin Colfer) – One of my favourite childhood authors released an adult fiction book? Get in! I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was humorous in the correct places but retained enough darkness to graduate from the average angsty teenage crap. I’d recommend it.

Shamefully, I only had time for two books over June. I really need to up my game when it comes to reading books.


[Greek] Ma Pou Na Pao (Themis Adamantidis) – I love zeimpekiko. This just happened to be my zeimpekiko for the month.

[English] Smoke and Mirrors (Gotye) – Quality song that was amazing when I first heard it on Suits… and got better every time thereafter.

[English] Cold Day Memory (Sevendust) – Brilliant album that ended up being the backtrack for most of my work over the month. Hard enough to get me pumped enough and motivated, not so hard as to distract me or drive me up the walls.


Me, movies? Hah.


Football Manager 2012 – I can’t help myself. Dat trollball. Haven’t touched it since about mid-June though, I’ve been busy. The problem with FM is that it’s super-addictive… until I hit one of ‘those’ games. Then I can’t be bothered to play for ages. There’s no fun in doing everything in my power to be awesome and the game still thrashing me 10-0 because it wants to.

Uberstrike – Browser-based FPS that, to me, was pretty similar to UT. I liked how easy it is to play and the ease of access. Within a minute of deciding I wanted to snipe some fools I was in-game, attempting to do just that. Sadly, my ability was a severe hinderance.

I only had time for the two last month. I barely played between mid-June until the end of June when I found Uberstrike. See? Busy man!


Writing – Duh. While you’re here you might as well check out the other nonsense I’ve been spouting. (Please?!)

NAS box – As part of a side-project I’ve been recapping my knowledge on NAS boxes. I looked into them heavily a year or so ago when I was thinking of building one for my house but never got round to it. (Why is this in my entertainment round-up I hear you cry? Because I’m a nerd and I find this stuff entertaining.)

DYKG – I found a vidya trivia site called ‘Did You Know Gaming’ which I’ve started reading. Initial results say this could be good, I’ve already had some “DERP” moments, and who doesn’t love a good derp moment?


White Collar – I finally had a chance to become up-to-date. The show constantly feels like it’s lacking in important areas but the writing is good enough to keep me going. Season three ended excellently so I’m grateful season four starts so soon.

Suits – One of my favourite TV shows over the past season so I’m very glad to see it back. Can’t say I’m happy about the way this season is shaping up though, it looks very clichéd.

Person of Interest – I liked it, I thought it was a solid début season. I can see why some people would have grievances but it was good enough for me. Not that I’m particularly easy, either.