…September’s Entertainment


Work! Consume! Die! (Frankie Boyle) – Yes, I’m a terrible person. I’ve been listening to podcasts instead of reading on the Tube, sue me.


[Greek] Den Thelo Na M’Agapiseis (Antonis Remos) – The latest in my line of Remos zeimpekika addictions. Oddly enough, I prefer the live version from the set I highlighted last month more than the studio version.

[English] Fire in the Booth 2 (Mic Righteous) – I’m not much a rap fan but I really enjoy the London grime scene. This is a 15 minute session on BBC radio where rappers are invited to lay down a verse or two. Mic tells three stories, the first two are pure urban poetry.

[English] Vagabonds (The Classic Crime) – I’m not sure how to explain this album, particularly as I’m not a music critic. It’s a couple of years old but still really easy to listen to.


The Avengers – Good stuff. Action-packed and not too many cringe moments. Bad acting really bothers me but there wasn’t too much. The ending was heavy on the “Hollywood” but the action stopped me from hating it too much.

The Hunger Games – As someone who never read the books and is ashamed of not having done so, I really enjoyed the story. The movie was a tiny bit slow but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love stories with subtle metaphors and it got me thinking — which is what I want from a movie.


DotA2 – The addiction continues. Along with some other United fans we made a full 5-man team and played two public matchmaking games. The first was ruined by my PC lagging for no reason but the second was one of my favourite games of all time. An awesome multi-player experience. If anyone else is interested in playing then add me on Steam.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – After months and months of putting it off, I finally hopped back into the game in an effort to pass the quest I was stuck on. I say “stuck”, I simply didn’t want to bully a woman or pay a gangster off without getting my money back. It took ages but I got the money, paid for her protection and then killed him (to collect my money again). Video games are both the best and worst of me.

Empire: Total War – I played a campaign ages ago that I never fully finished. I’m proud to say that I’ve now concurrently held the entire map. It feels like a massive weight off my shoulders to finally achieve that goal. Admittedly, I was playing on Easy, so now it’s time to do it all over again on Medium.


Accounting – I’ve spent a lot of time reading about accounting. It’s a pain in the backside. If anyone wants to impart some wisdom, I’m all ears!

Reddit – For a nerd, I’ve done well to avoid the time-consuming depths of Reddit for a while now. Unfortunately, there’s a great hub for DotA2 on Reddit. That was a my gateway drug. I’m doing well to resist going beyond that for now though.

WordPress – Ages ago I first started customising WP themes and it’s been no surprise to me that WP is such a popular platform. Unfortunately, I had no incentive to keep on learning WP and dropped it. Last month I got back into it and I’m surprised yet again at how brilliant a platform it is.


Go-on – A new comedy which I thought I’d give a whirl. It’s alright so far, somewhat lacking in actual humour though. It’s more of a “feel-good” show with some laughs as opposed to a show which makes you feel good because you laugh so hard.

A Touch of Cloth – A two-parter written by Charlie Brooker, who I’m reliably informed I’m similar to. It was a good show, well-paced and intelligent. Unfortunately, I think the dynamic gets a bit stale quite quickly as you come to expect the jokes. I recommend the show though, purely because some of the jokes are worth it alone. It’s also a nice breakdown of how procedural TV shows have become.

Parks and Recreation – It’s back! I saw the blooper reel for season 4 (Chris Platt’s joke at the very end would’ve been the best joke in the entire season, undoubtedly) and got myself in the mood for it so I was pretty darn chuffed when the show hit the air again. So far I’ve not seen any signs of a hangover. I hope it maintains its high level of awesome as it’s become one of my favourite comedies.