…Things I Learnt This Month (May 14)

New month. Three new things. Let’s do it:

  1. Stress can be easily transmitted from person to person. In a test whereby a group of people were intentionally made to feel stressed, a group of spectators also began to produce stress hormones. The likelihood of this happening (and the strength of the response) was increased by a stronger emotional bond between the two subjects. Why is this interesting? Well, it’s proof that stress is contagious and probably a reminder to us all that we shouldn’t spread such feelings without concern for those we’re spreading them too. A problem shared may not be a problem halved but a problem doubled.
  2. Razor blades can be kept sharp using old jeans. Not too dissimilar to a strop, if you swipe a blade up the material about 15 times before swiping down 15 times it should help fix small imperfections on the blade. This, in turn, should make the razor feel sharper.
  3. Significantly less practical but arguably the most incredible thing in this list: In the US, it’s estimated that 63% of inmates are functionally illiterate. That’s absurd. In addition, it’s estimated that two thirds of the world’s illiterate are women. I don’t really want to have to use any words to put that into context. Education is crucial. It’s 2014…