…Things I Learnt This Month (Apr 14)

Three things I learnt this month that I thought were worth sharing. Go:

  1. The ampersand (this symbol – &) is actually based upon combining the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’. This is because ‘et’ was (is?) Latin for ‘and’. It’s a lot more pronounced in certain fonts than others but also shows much more clearly in handwritten documents. A perfect example of the evolution of language and writing.
  2. Aeroplane food. People say it’s tasteless and bland. I must admit I’ve never been overly critical but then again I’m a pig. As it transpires. however, those people have a point. Aeroplane food does taste worse but probably not for the reason we all think. The food itself is actually fine (if not low quality) — it’s us that behave differently. At altitude one of the first senses we lose is our sense of taste, with the pressure and dry refurbished air numbing our taste buds. In essence, the sensation of tasting is not too dissimilar to when we have a cold.
  3. I’m not one for celebrity culture but Keanu Reeves is an astounding man. Last month I learnt that he gave $75m dollars to the special effects and costume teams of the Matrix movies. Combine that with his life story and the various other anecdotes regarding his lifestyle and you’ve got a winner. As I said, I don’t care much for celebrity culture but if you had to pick a celebrity role model for someone, Keanu would be up there.

Let’s see what May brings.