…Things I Learnt This Month (June 14)

You know the drill, I know the drill, let’s do this.

  1. This one might not be the most useful bit of trivia I’ve heard but it’s mind-boggling. in North America, cinema popcorn costs more than fillet mignon in terms of cost per gram. That’s a sirloin steak, to you or I. The best type of sirloin steak as well, for that matter. There are plenty of these odd comparatives going around (everyone’s heard about how excruciatingly expensive printer ink is, for example) but popcorn and steak? Popcorn and steak? I think we’re done here, ladies and gents.
  2. Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto.Only slightly, admittedly, but that’s still mind-boggling, isn’t it?
  3. Children begin to lose flexibility at approximately 11 years old. While that’s not to say that the average teenager isn’t extremely flexible, they’ve already begun to decline. So, if you’re like me (22 years old as I write this) and thought you weren’t losing your edge just yet, I’m sorry. You’ve been in decline for around a decade now. Specifically in a footballing context, 11 years old is the age at which the decline of flexibility must be accounted for — what a player couldn’t do until that point is effectively their limit unless specifically trained.